Oh no, someone harmless might show up to an event and get more attention than the PM with his 5-question rule? GOOD GOD! We can’t allow THAT! Minions, call in the army STAT!

Global News

OTTAWA – The Conservatives are using former members of the Canadian military to act as security guards at their election campaign events, in addition to the RCMP officers who are assigned to the prime minister’s personal detail.

The former Canadian Armed Forces soldiers, who are travelling with members of the media on the Conservative campaign bus, wear suits and earpieces much like the Mounties assigned to protect Stephen Harper.

One member of the private security team, a former sniper, escorted a man out of a Harper event with the help of RCMP officers Thursday in Markham, Ont., when he tried to line up behind journalists to ask the prime minister a question.

The man was later allowed to re-enter the room a short time later.

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Harper continues to be protected by his personal detail during the campaign – an RCMP…

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