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Hmmm, an executive recruiter writes a fake-trend story about the “many” students who “lack” education and yet are applying to jobs at 18 and how you should give them a chance.
Sorry, Mandy, the numbers are against you: kids today are more likely to have a degree than you, your friends, and probably your children and coworkers. I know it hurts to feel inferior, but don’t worry — we’ve watered down the educational system enough that 300 BA holders will still be content to watch TV and fart their entire lives.

Financial Post

You may have noticed a trend among some of the millennial resumés your organization has received in recent years. The CVs of your younger applicants may lack many (or any) traditional post-secondary academic credentials.

That’s because many millennials are saying ‘No thanks’ to the standard university (and in some cases, even college) educations that were once a prerequisite for acquiring any career-focused position. Of course, traditional degrees are still a must-have for professional designations and are still seen as a key discussion starting point for many employers. But in the creative and technology fields in particular, times are changing.

Many creative and tech-focused professionals are noting that a growing cohort of millennials are focused on obtaining real, paid employment after high school. Spending years at university studying to earn a degree in a theoretical subject — then searching for a career in which to apply that knowledge — is quickly…

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