Now wouldn’t it be nice if all of those extra zucchinis made their way to food banks?

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LONDON, Ont. – If you don’t know someone who’s trying to give away zucchini right now, you probably don’t know anyone who is growing it.

This summer squash grows easily and in great abundance, and if it’s not picked when it’s relatively small — 15 to 20 centimetres (six to eight inches) — an individual zucchini can grow as big as your arm. And the thing is, the big ones are just as edible as the little ones, although they may be a little more fibrous.

Fortunately, there is almost no end to the culinary uses of zucchini.

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“It grows so prolifically that when people had a lot of it, they got very inventive with what they would do with it,” says Yvonne Tremblay, a freelance recipe developer, food stylist and cookbook author from Mississauga, Ont.

She always cooks zucchini and…

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