If they really want what’s best for Canadians, they should keep the dairy board and reinstitute the wheat board, too. Free trade has not helped the average person. It outsources jobs to weaker economies. And the LAST thing anyone in North America should want is cheap food from China. Mmmm, melamine.

Global News

OTTAWA – Other parties around the bargaining table are growing exasperated with Canada for stonewalling their demands to pry open its dairy market as part of a major global free-trade deal.

But cracks in the Canadian government’s position have begun to show as an agreement on the Trans-Pacific Partnership appears within reach, says a trade envoy for the New Zealand government at the talks in Hawaii.

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Even so, protectionist stances by Canada and Japan on dairy-market access remain rigid and could even prevent the pact from being signed this week, Mike Petersen told The Canadian Press in an interview Thursday.

“It is so small that it’s hard to take it seriously at this point,” Petersen said of an offer by Canada to unlock the door to its dairy market.

“Frankly, the discussion’s at such a level that…

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