Or just give the kids some damn blocks. Cost savings across a school system to NOT buy computers and software: millions.

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TORONTO – It’s no secret that kids love Minecraft, the “sandbox” game that allows users to build and interact with other users without any scripts. But Microsoft is hoping more educators can turn that passion for gaming into an immersive learning experience.

Microsoft, which acquired the widely popular game for US$2.5 billion last year, has launched a new website that allows teachers to share ideas about how to use the game for educational purposes and inspire new uses for the technology.

“I’m personally excited by how educators are incorporating Minecraft into their curriculum and what their students are picking up in this immersive learning environment,” said Anthony Salcito, Microsoft’s vice president of worldwide education, in a blog post.

“Elementary students in Seattle are learning foundational math skills by calculating perimeter, area and volume in Minecraft during a Saturday math program. Middle school students in Los Angeles are learning about…

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