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Wah wah wah. Always bad when the comments are more reasonable than the reporters.

A few further thoughts for the individual reporters:

* Dude, if you normally eat 3000 calories, of which 50% are meat-based protein, you are eating 1500 calories of meat a day. A single serving of meat is, on average, under 200 calories and about a quarter-pound (maybe the problem with these reporters is that they didn’t understand ounces?). So let’s do the math: 1500/200 = 7.5 servings of 0.25 lbs = 1.75 POUNDS of meat per day. You are killing the environment, and wow you must stink.

To those of you who think heavy meat-eaters don’t smell bad: sorry, you do. Eating meat once a day or even 8-10 servings a week isn’t a problem. Eating 8-10 servings per diem? No, you smell.

* Lady, if you normally use a food scale, it’s off-limits to complain about using a food scale. Also, the commenter who said “it’s a GUIDE” clearly got it. You want hot sauce? Eat your damn hot sauce! The guide says “limit”, not “shun”.  Same with coffee. Same with beer. Have a pint. Don’t play pong.

Seriously, people like you discourage those with unhealthy diets from trying to eat better. Because you reinforce the idea that eating healthy is so hard boohoowaaaaah. It’s really not. Why don’t you find some real news?

Global News

WATCH ABOVE: Canada’s Food Guide. For most, it’s that colourful poster many of us remember hanging on our grade school walls.  But the Food Guide is also the country’s model for proper eating. So how practical is it?

We put two reporters, James Armstrong and Heather Loney, to the test: eat nothing but the foods from Canada’s Food Guide for one week. This is what happened.


I spent the last five days living by the servings standards set out by Health Canada in the Canada Food Guide.

For those wondering, the Food Guide recommends eight servings of grain, three servings of “meats and alternatives” (think peanut butter, eggs, fish), two servings of milk, and eight servings of fruits and vegetables.

The change in diet was huge for me. I usually try and eat 3,000 calories a day, the Food Guide kept me around 2,000. My diet is usually made…

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