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WATCH ABOVE: Toxic plants are popping up in some Ontario parks. They are easy to spot, and painful to touch. Christina Stevens reports.

TORONTO – Giant plants in a Toronto area park may be nice to look at, but not to touch.

The Toronto and Region Conservation Authority has identified the towering plants as Cow Parsnip. They look extremely similar to an invasive plant called Giant Hogweed.

Cow Parsnip is native, so doesn’t threaten the ecological balance like Hogweed. A critical difference for conservatio authorities who have to preserve the ecological balance in parks.

However, the distinction is less important to people who come into contact with the plants.

“The important thing you want to remember is both plants cause photo toxicity so you don’t want to get any of the sap on your skin,” said Karen McDonald, Project Manager with the Toronto and Region Conservation Authority.

TRC is in the process…

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