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Okay, snide Canucks: I’m an American transplant and I can answer 3/5. How many of you know the capital of North Dakota? OR where Indiana is? OR who Pennsylvania is named after?
Yeah, that’s what I thought. Don’t insult Americans’ knowledge of Canada when you don’t learn about us, either.

Global News

An American soldier competing on Jeopardy this week lost all of his winnings while trying to answer questions about Canadian geography.

The failure set off a firestorm of comments on Facebook with many Canadians insulting Americans or otherwise lamenting the idea that Americans don’t know a whole lot about their northern neighbour.

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Mark Little wrote on Facebook: “It makes our prospects of fending off an American invasion easier…they have no clue where they are going.”

Kit Grant commented: “They learn nothing about Canada in their education system and their TV doesn’t help. If you watch the weather on CNN, NOTHING exists above OR below the USA map.”

So that got us thinking – can Canadians answer the same questions correctly? Now, don’t cheat, and try to answer the questions below.

1. An intersection in this provincial capital is the original…

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