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I’m going to do my part … by escaping the city to live with my in-laws and telecommuting. For the majority of residents (who probably don’t have that option), it must be nice to know that once again the government doesn’t care.

Global News

WATCH: The Opposition says that the government has hopes but no plans for traffic congestion during Pan Am games. Alan Carter reports.

TORONTO – Ontario commuters will have to “do their part” to avoid gridlock during this summer’s Pan Am and Parapan Games, which will bring hundreds of thousands of people to a region already struggling with congestion, the province’s transportation minister said Tuesday.

Officials are banking on a 20 per cent reduction in traffic – through carpooling, transit use and other means – to keep delays at a minimum during the international competitions, they said, noting Vancouver reached a reduction of more than 30 per cent during the 2010 Olympic Games.

The province released traffic projections for the Toronto area based on what it expects to be the worst time: the afternoon rush hour on July 21.

Average traffic delays on Toronto-area highways at that time range from minimal…

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