I’m sure the conspiracy theorists will be on this right away.

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Go ahead — bite down on that bagel.

A University of Saskatchewan professor says he’s debunked claims that modern varieties of wheat are causing gluten intolerance because of how their protein content has been manipulated.

“The science doesn’t support what people have been saying,” said Ravi Chibbar, whose paper was published Thursday in the journal Cereal Chemistry.

“There’s no such thing as Frankenwheat.”

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Chibbar’s research involved studying wheat varieties that have been planted in North America since the 19th century. The were grown and analyzed in test plots that have been maintained since 1989. The original intent was to catalogue improvements made in yield and time to harvest since the 1860s when homesteaders planted Ontario-originated Red Fife on their newly broken land.

But the focus shifted when Chibbar began to notice claims from health advisers that new…

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