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Remember when there was that fight about grad students trying to live on 15k or 13k a year? Now take a look at the tables.

Global News

Alberta’s new NDP government has promised to raise the province’s minimum wage to $15 an hour by 2018 – a huge increase over the current rate of $10.20. The raise would give the province the highest minimum wage in Canada by far.

Living on the minimum wage isn’t easy. While it’s true that many minimum-wage earners are very young and may be relying on their parents for necessities like shelter, it can be difficult to support yourself with a minimum wage job in many parts of Canada – at least if you look at the numbers.

The “Market Basket Measure” is an amount that Statistics Canada says represents “the cost of a specified basket of goods and services representing a modest, basic standard of living.” It includes things like shelter, food, transportation and some goods like footwear and clothing and is often used to study low income levels…

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