The highways are crumbling. The deficit is booming. Unemployment and underemployment remain at unsustainably high levels. And Ontario thinks the best way to proceed is to play God?

… why am I surprised?

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WATCH ABOVE: The Ontario government has once again promised to help fund IVF treatments.  They say in the long term it will save money, and protect patients.  Christina Stevens reports.

TORONTO — Individuals who need to undergo In vitro fertilization are welcoming news that the Ontario government is reaffirming previous promises to help pay for the treatment.

Sandra Alsaffawai-David is waiting for the funding to kick in before she tries to get pregnant again.

She said that before her husband went through cancer treatment they had to bank his sperm. When it came time to get pregnant, IVF was their only option.

“You put all your eggs into one basket, so to speak, and are hoping and praying the first time goes because it is expensive, said Alsaffawai-David.

Discovering that the first treatment didn’t result in a pregnancy was a big disappointment.

“Personally, emotionally, financially. We took a loan out in…

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