Shouldn’t the school be protecting the students on this one? If nothing else, a competition with a real chance for a negotiable commission would teach valuable skills. And as for ‘exposure’ — when was the last time you paid attention to the artwork on store walls?

National Post

International Swedish retailer H&M has enlisted OCAD University students to help it beautify the future construction site of its Eaton Centre location, but some students aren’t as enthused about the idea.

For a competition called “Toronto Loves Fashion! Fashion Loves Toronto!” Toronto’s art school has called upon third- and fourth-year students and recent graduates of the digital painting program to submit work to be displayed on the temporary walls that will be put up during store construction, scheduled to last into 2016.

The call for submissions says the eight winning artists, determined by a balanced panel of H&M and OCAD University representatives, will be awarded “lots of exposure,” and a $500 gift card to H&M.

It’s the compensation that has some students upset.

“It’s not a good deal,” says Keith Eager, a 27-year-old student in OCAD’s printmaking program. “I think it’s undervaluing what the students are doing.”

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