So much ughhh… Police demanding to keep using a tactic that has never been proven to be effective, and has been shown to be racist. (Just ending that stupidity was ” never on the table”, apparently). Their assertion that, so long as we don’t say “we only hassled this guy because of his race,” then it technically isn’t racist. Grabbing a supportive quote from the mayor– I mean why wouldn’t you trust a guy who thinks it’s appropriate to mock a person for being paralyzed on national television?

Civic government in Toronto, baby. There’s really nothing like it.

In all seriousness, good luck to Anthony Morgan and co. at the the African Canadian Legal Clinic. They’re going to need to hire more staff.


National Post

Outgoing Toronto police chief Bill Blair on Friday gave his officers new orders on how to engage and document non-criminal interactions with the public in a set of directives that pleased the police union, but left members of the black community disappointed and concerned.

Officials spoke of the pair of documents — a recast board policy, and the accompanying chief instructions to rank and file — in lofty terms on Friday, with the chief calling it a “remarkable milestone” and Mayor John Tory describing it as an “important landmark.”

Alok Mukherjee, the chairman of the Toronto Police Services Board, said it “strikes the right balance” between treating everyone fairly and keeping Toronto’s neighbourhoods safe.

“We cannot live in a city where young black men, for example, feel devalued or disrespected,” said Mr. Tory at a press conference at police headquarters. “At the same time, we cannot and should not have…

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