I am shocked (shocked!) that young men do stupid things on camera.
Maybe if you want your teachers to work all the time and be true public servants, you should give them some job security. Oh, and fire the perpetually squabbling, overpaid, and underworked board of trustees.

Global News

WATCH ABOVE: Teachers are on the job 24/7 according to the provincial regulator. Sean O’Shea reports. 

TORONTO – The body that regulates Ontario’s 250,000 teachers says members of the profession are on duty “24/7, 365” and are expected to behave well at all times.

“We’re never off duty and the question would be: do these activities promote public confidence in the education system and the teacher himself or not? And illegal activity would not meet the test of public confidence,” said Joe Jamieson, deputy registrar of the Ontario College of Teachers.

Jamieson was speaking about expected conduct of teachers following a Global News report Thursday on a Toronto teacher shown on video apparently smoking marijuana and facing the camera saying, “I’m high…really high.”

Joseph Smith, 26, is a teacher at Stilecroft Public School in North York where he teaches a class of Grade One and Two students. A former girlfriend…

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