Yum, yum: cold greasy rice. No wonder you eat fewer calories — nothing to do with the biochemistry.

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Scientists are offering a recipe for cooking rice that’ll appeal to anyone watching their waistline: boil the rice with coconut oil then cool it down in the fridge before dinner.

This simple hack could cut the calories in this popular staple by up to 60 per cent, according to Sri Lankan researchers.

Here’s what to keep in mind about rice: It’s a common, cost-efficient side dish served with most meals in much of the developing world, from Asia and into the Caribbean, for example. But white rice isn’t necessarily good for you. A single cup contains about 240 calories, and it’s starch-heavy – it converts easily into sugar and could be stored as fat if you overeat. Right now, some countries are grappling with obesity, which means serving sizes are also expanding.

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The researchers wanted to zero in on manipulating rice so that…

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