I suppose it’s good that someone said this out loud, but this has ‘duh’ written all over it. I’ll add a couple reasons that Loat leaves out: 1) It’s probably been more than a decade since any government, provincial or federal, even attempted to do something meaningful.
2) It’s been much longer since any party would be caught dead actually trying to help or communicate with young people.
3) Proliferation of media and news means that now we actually see more of our MPs/MPPs/MLAs. If you can even one who would you *want* to see more, you’re doing better than me.

National Post

The health of Canadian democracy is in peril as many voters tune out from politics and lack trust in the MPs they send to Parliament Hill, a new study has found.

The consequences of the trend are disturbing: low voter turnout in elections; low participation by Canadians in political activities; a lack of diversity in the House of Commons; and ultimately, a clear public sentiment that politicians don’t really care to hear from voters.

The report by Samara, a public interest group, gives Canada’s democracy a “C” grade, and its authors warn that the political process now repels more citizens than it attracts – particularly young Canadians.

“Overall, I think the main message is there is plenty of room for improvement,” Samara executive director Alison Loat said in an interview.
I don’t think we should be very happy with it. Canada has one of the lowest voter turnouts of any comparative western democracy. Which…

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