This strikes me as further proof that school administrators get paid WAY too much….


Jobs site CareerBliss has released a list of what it claims are the 10 happiest careers in the U.S., based on data from over 25,000 reviews submitted by its users.

Respondents rated their job satisfaction on a scale from one to five over the following categories: management, peers, support, rewards, growth potential, company culture and daily structure, according to USA Today.

CareerBliss reportedly left off “high-gratification positions” like musicians and athletes, along with CEOs. Instead, the list evaluates “middle-market” positions. Each job needed at least 20 reviews to be evaluated.

The top 10 positions in order:

  1. School principal
  2. Executive chef
  3. Loan officer
  4. Automation engineer
  5. Research assistant
  6. Oracle database administrator
  7. Website developer
  8. Business development executive
  9. Senior software engineer
  10. Systems developer

The findings come after Friday’s strong jobs report, with 295,000 new jobs being created in February. Unemployment, meanwhile, has been pushed down to just 5.5%, according to Labor Department…

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