If Tory REALLY wanted to save some money, he would start by making “city councillor” an unpaid position (INCLUDING office, staff, etc. expenses). If those nitwits want to ‘give back’ to the community so much, they can do it on their own dime.

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WATCH: Toronto Mayor John Tory expressed anger on the overbudget Spadina subway expansion, blaming the previous administration. Dave Trafford reports.

TORONTO- Mayor John Tory blames the Rob Ford administration for the Spadina subway expansion going millions of dollars beyond its budget.

“The matter of huge repeated cost overruns and timing delays has been a long standing concern of mine,” said Tory. “I believe it stems from an entrenched culture of non-accountability at City Hall.”

Tory made the announcement during a press conference on Friday alongside Councillor Josh Colle, the recently appointed transit ommissioner.

“This is not because people want to go out and waste money or finish projects way behind schedule. I believe this is because there just hasn’t been the leadership, starting at the top, where people are told that it matters that you meet your budget and it matters that you meet your timetable on taxpayer-financed projects, just…

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