Just when you thought Wynne couldn’t more perfectly combine rock-stupid with cynicism, she goes and does this. “Gang raped at a frat party while people film it? I’ve heard of that, and people seem to think it’s bad. Maybe I’ll say that it happens literally every day in this province and spend $41 million on a useless campaign to tell people I’m against it. I am history’s greatest strategist.”

No one is saying that sexual assault isn’t a problem, but implying that it only happens in spectacular circumstances and on film seems like a great way to make sure it never gets reported. After all, how do you know you were assaulted if there aren’t 40 witnesses and youtube video?

Just once, could a real reporter ask a follow up question when she says something this stupid?


National Post

A half-limp young woman struggles against a man peeling off her jean jacket, one hand held above her face, a bright light from a smartphone camera piercing her eyes.

A house party swirls in the background as she struggles to lift her head against a foreshadowed assault. Her attacker looks straight at the camera and says,”Thanks for keeping your mouth shut.”

It’s a startling scene to watch, but also one that has played out in real life for far too many young women. And the gritty spot is even more stunning when it’s revealed as a promo for the Ontario’s government’s new sexual violence and harassment strategy, and part of an effort to combat both. Premier Kathleen Wynne unveiled Friday the ad, a sweeping strategy, new money for sexual assault support centres and free legal support for victims of sexual assault.

The plan will be supported with $41 million in funding.

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