Unemployed, unvaccinated, subject to crazy variations in climate … the future is screwed.

Global News

The jobless rate, at 6.6 per cent, is actually pretty good, economy experts say. But that rosy figure belies the new reality of Canada’s job market – one defined by lower pay and instability for many.

Part-time and self-employed work has become the new normal for millions of Canadians, a normal where hours fluctuate, benefits are virtually non-existent and pay is generally lower. That was underscored Thursday by a new report from CIBC that shows the bank’s employment quality index – a measure of the job mix in Canada – dropping to its lowest reading since the bank first began taking the pulse of job quality in 1988.

CIBC adds up the number of full- and part-time jobs as well as self-employed workers and then takes stock of the sectors all those jobs reside in (i.e., whether they’re in higher or lower paying fields). The bank’s conclusion: “Our measure of employment quality…

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