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Seems like this is right on the cusp of what is legal. Business is slowing down (due to decline in oil prices?), some people are being let go. new mom is included. The key question: if she’d been fired 2 weeks AFTER returning to work, rather than 2 weeks before, would it still be news or a labor issue?

Global News

CALGARY – New mom Stephanie Zanin was on her last month of maternity leave when the company she’s worked with for the last two and a half years told her she wouldn’t be able to come back to work.

“There is no work available for you on any project as clients continue to downsize, suspend and/or terminate work,” wrote the director of human resources at Amec Foster Wheeler in an email to Zanin. “Since initially advising you of the situation on February 5, 2015 we have continued to search for a position for you and unfortunately, none is available.”

Zanin said she was due to go back to work March 9. Amec Foster Wheeler, a worldwide oil and gas company, told her it “cannot control which projects clients wish to wind down, suspend or terminate” when she emailed them to ask for clarity of her rights.

The Calgary mother says…

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