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I suppose this is progress, at least sort of.  In an interview published in the Sun, Ontario’s education minister, Liz Sandals, is saying that we need to spend our education dollars wisely.  So, that’s nice.  Her party’s record makes it impossible to hear her use those words without rolling my eyes so hard that my contacs get lodged in my brain, but it’s a nice sentiment.

Sandals is pitching the idea of efficient allocation of resources because her government plans to freeze funding even as test scores (in math at least) begin to slip.  She seems to think that closing some schools will be the way to go.  That way money can go to the students, instead of to “maintaining empty seats.”  It’s actually not a terrible idea, except for the part where it’s painfully, fore-head smackingly, buy-the-extended-warranty stupid.  It’s stupid because the real problem, and the real waste (of literal billions) isn’t one or two empty schools, it’s that for some reason we run two parallel school systems.  Anyone with two brain cells to rub together would realize that the biggest gains in efficiency would be realized by collapsing those into a single system.   All of which means that Ontario’s current brain trust should stumble across that in about another 40 years, when they’ve finally finished eating the last bottle of paste Aylmer’s ever produced, and after they tested every grape in the legislature’s break room to see if it will fit up the premier’s nose.

I’m saying that they’re stupid people. And that their palpable stupidity renders them ineffectual.  Just in case that wasn’t clear.